. . . Top 100 Musical Movies I Want My Children to See by Their 18th Birthday 3 Years Olds. .

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    What Your Child Will Learn. Despicable Me. . .

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    The movie itself has a fun fairytale story that any child will enjoy from beginning to end, but for parents, there is plenty of great humor, from adult jokes that only you’ll get, to funny moments that. Mary Poppins (1964) 3. “Many of the actors he worked with.


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    Hilarious. “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”.


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May 23, 2023 by Alicia Geigel.

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trailer perfectly captures the theater kid experience. 8. The Sound of Music (1965) 20th Century Fox. If it absolutely has to be princesses — and, with toddlers, sometimes it has to be princesses — then Cinderella is a best bet, because her foes, while mean, are the.

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fc-smoke">Oct 5, 2021 · The Lion King. . Best for strong male and female leads.